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Communications Executives

Chief Communications Officer for Hire

Today, growing companies need strategic communications expertise at the center of any business plan, but budgeting for this level of experience is often challenging. Chief business officers, VP’s, and even director-level professionals demand high salaries and competitive benefit packages. This can present an impossible math problem – more often than not, marketing and communications professionals are the first to get cut or overlooked in exchange for highly credentialed technology, finance, and product officers. The goal of start-ups or growing businesses is to build the business first - and rightly so.

This is where we can partner with you. Maybe your budget doesn’t allow for the level of business communications expertise you’re looking for, but you know you need it. We offer three different tiered models so that while you’re building your business, you'll have the marketing and communications expertise at the table with you, even if you’re not ready to hire a Chief Communications or Chief Marketing Officer. Our model is significantly more affordable and flexible, with all of the benefits of having someone on your staff. We can be as embedded or arms-length as you want. 

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