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Interapt is an IT services and apprenticeship firm with the goal of solving the tech talent problem. They are breaking down the barrier of entry into the tech world for underrepresented and underserved populations. Their  cohorts are an intensive, in-person experience designed to train the next wave of software developers in coding and programming skills.

Internal and Strategic Communications

Our work connects Interapt with opportunities to pitch their skills training program to businesses, connect with larger audiences and future participants, while also providing impactful copywriting and video content.

Frankfort Cohort Announcement

Interapt launched an accelerated apprenticeship to bring tech training and new opportunities to Frankfort, KY.

Fleur de Lis Communications worked with Interapt to secure a partnership with the city of Frankfort, publish the press release preceding the event, create the marketing material to promote the event, and organized the ensuing press conference with the Governor of Kentucky and local news stations.


PBS Feature Interview

In July of 2021, Interapt CEO Ankur Gopal and former Interapt Skills Training Apprentices were featured in PBS News Hour's Work Shift series. The interview highlighted the unique tech business model Interapt is providing outside of Silicon Valley; specifically in Gopal's home state of Kentucky. Former apprentices discussed the impact Interapt Skills Training has had on transforming their lives and the opportunities they have received since completion.

Fifth/Third Announcement 

FDLC provided the initial introduction between Interapt and PBS producers. Our company further assisted with planning video shoots, identifying candidates for interviews, assisting with major day-of-shoot tasks, and provided Interapt with video and other assests post-production.

The news conference and release regarding the engagement between Interapt and Fifth Third was well covered - both in person and online. Coverage was overwhelmingly positive, and generally cast the partnership in exactly the light we hoped - as an engagement that will extend far beyond Louisville.

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