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Meg Wenning 

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After more than 4 years of working in public education in Indiana and New Jersey, Meg Gilland is excited to bring her creative passion and knowledge of content creation to the Fleur de Lis Communications team. A Kentuckiana native, Meg previously served as an educator in Floyd, Greater Clark, and Clark County Schools. Over the course of her education career, Meg has mentored future teachers in college preparation programs, created and led professional developments, and advocated for student and teacher rights at the state level.


As an educator, Meg collaborated with others using data-driven tactics and research-based strategies to promote growth and awareness for struggling students.


Meg holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a license addition in literacy from Indiana University Bloomington. She lives in Uptown New Albany with her husband Derek, an Economics PhD Candidate, and their two cats, Frida and Snow.  

Digital Strategist 

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