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Welcome to The Bridge

One quick look at our website will tell you we're kind of into bridges. They're imposing and geometric and awfully photogenic. And frankly, we just had some really nice pictures of them handy as we put together our website.

But as we built our site around those photos, we realized they said a lot about what we wanted our company to be. A bridge is only a bridge if it connects two places, and that's how we think communication should work, too. Rather than one-way, automated, impersonal means of conveying information, we believe in human-centric communication that truly connects two people and takes them both to new places.

So what better name for our blog than The Bridge? As we build our company, we'll be sharing some thoughts about our work and the communications landscape here, and we hope to make new connections as well.

We look forward to sharing the journey with you.


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