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Five-Star Ratings Media Tour

The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence has played a leading role in numerous education efforts in the Commonwealth, including the landmark reforms of the 1990s. We helped the group renew its profile among the general public with a campaign and media tour that put the group in the middle of the conversation surrounding a major education news event. 

In October of 2019, Kentucky unveiled its new five-star rating system for both districts and individual schools.  We knew virtually every news outlet across the state would be covering the release, but we also knew they'd be struggling to find interviews beyond state and local officials. When we made Executive Director Brigitte Blom Ramsey readily available - in person - newsrooms jumped at the opportunity, and we secured extensive media coverage throughout the day in the state's three largest markets.

The one-day exposure was important for the Prichard Committee's efforts to expand their impact and advocacy. Just as important, though, were the relationships we built for them with key news outlets across the state, several of whom have made the Prichard Committee a regular part of their education coverage since.

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