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Tara Leigh Goode

Tara Leigh Goode is a 16-year communication veteran and expert in strategic communications planning, public relations, branding, and relationship-building for governments, corporations, and high tech, data-centric start-ups and scale-ups. Her career spans the public and private sectors and focuses on highly technical concepts including complex infrastructure projects for local and county governments and the global weather and energy data industry. Because she understands tech language, she is particularly skilled at defining value propositions for specific audiences and telling the story at the heart of high-tech innovations.

A co-founder of Fleur de Lis Communications, Tara remains a minority partner in the business and continues to help companies plan messaging and communications strategies. She is a mentor for Endeavor, volunteering these skills to help develop entrepreneurs in the region.

Tara’s ability to understand and quickly distill complex concepts and then package them for specific stakeholders sets her apart. This ability lends superior credibility when she is building relationships in the interest of corporate goals. Tara is a savvy negotiator, known for her approachability and poise; she has been regarded by peers as a “lamb with a tiger’s enthusiasm.”

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Co-Founder/Strategic Partner

Recently, Tara helped launch Climavision, a weather technology start-up on a mission to protect people and property by closing critical low-level surveillance gaps and expanding access to weather data. In her role as the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, she oversees the roll-out of the first-ever private, proprietary weather radar network. 

Prior to Climavision, Tara spent almost a decade in remote sensing in both the weather and energy industries. She served at the leadership level for Enterprise Electronics Corporation, a leading meteorological remote-sensing manufacturer where she oversaw the global client portfolio of more than 1,000 systems in more than 90 countries. 


At Genscape, Tara built out a new communications department, grew brand awareness and voice share across the globe, and expanded media presence by more than 36% in just 12 months. Tara led internal and external communications efforts including workshops, training, media engagement, corporate events, and writing/editing.

Tara began her career in the public sector, where she spent 7 years working with local and county governments with a range of populations from small and rural to over one million. In her public service capacity, she served as the voice for constituents at the local, state, and federal levels. During her public career, Tara successfully secured over $36 million in grant funding to fund important infrastructure projects such as roads, sewers, water towers, parks, and civic centers. She also spent much of her public service career managing major disasters including one that drew a Presidential visit.

Tara holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Troy University and a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of West Florida.

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