Tara Leigh Goode

Tara Leigh Goode is a 15-year communication veteran and expert in strategic communications planning, public relations, and relationship-building for governments, corporations, and start-ups. Her career has spanned the public and private sectors and focused on highly technical concepts including complex infrastructure projects for local and county governments and the global weather and energy data industry. Because Tara understands tech language, she is particularly skilled at defining value propositions for specific audiences and telling the story at the heart of high-tech innovations. 

Tara began her career in the public sector where she spent almost a decade working with local and county governments with a range of populations from small and rural to over one million. In her public service capacity, she served as the public voice for constituents at the local, state, and federal levels. She regularly lobbied Congress and built long-lasting relationships, which helped officials maximize tax dollars. During her public career, Tara successfully secured over $36 million in grant funding to fund important infrastructure projects such as roads, sewers, water towers, parks, and civic centers.


Tara also spent much of her public service career managing major disasters including one that drew a Presidential visit. In her role, she oversaw the collaboration between EMA, FEMA, and local officials and then worked with the public to navigate government processes. A pro at navigating bureaucracy, Tara is intimately familiar with municipal government structures. Tara maintains close-knit relationships across the government sector, including with EMA, FEMA, Education, engineering contractors, and other state and federal offices, and has been able to lean on these ties even in her private sector work.

In her corporate career, Tara ran her own consulting business and served at the Leadership level for a high-tech meteorological firm. While there, Tara drew on her international relations background and built out a new client-centric department, developed new upgrade product offerings for existing clients that became a sustainable revenue stream, and managed a portfolio of over 1,000 projects in over 90 countries. Her comms background, attention-to-detail, and client finesse allowed her to help the business effectively communicate, sell, and retain critical international meteorological networks.

In her latest role, Tara built out a new communications department for the world’s only provider of real-time energy data, Genscape, a firm previously owned by publicly traded DMGT. Tasked with growing brand awareness and voice share across the globe, Tara exceeded expectations expanding media presence by over 36% in just 12 months. Tara led all internal and external communications efforts including workshops, training, media engagement, corporate events, and writing/editing. Her efforts helped secure and close a major acquisition by Wood Mackenzie, the largest energy research firm, and its parent, Verisk Analytics, also publicly trade. During the sale, Tara led communication with the buyer, the public announcement, including all legal nuances, and ultimately oversaw the integration work.

Tara’s ability to understand and quickly distill complex concepts and then package them for specific stakeholders sets her apart. This ability lends superior credibility when she is building relationships in the interest of corporate goals. Tara is a savvy negotiator, known for her approachability and poise; she has been regarded by peers as a “lamb with a tiger’s enthusiasm.”

Tara holds a Masters Degree in International Relations from Troy University and a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of West Florida. 



Fleur de Lis Communications • Louisville, KY • June 2020-present


Genscape, Inc. • Louisville, KY • Nov 2019-Present

Oversee the integration of Genscape with its new owner, Verisk Analytics, and Wood Mackenzie. Collaborate closely with the Genscape and Wood Mackenzie organizations to build a collaborative culture that delivers the most compelling business offer for the energy market. Continue brand awareness activities in the interest of enhancing the external reputation of the business through strategic media relations, content creation, and creative output.


Genscape, Inc. • Louisville, KY • May 2018-Present

Responsible for leading the communications strategy, internal and external, for a leading global energy data provider. Guide external communications as a communications trainer, editor, and messaging strategist. Advise on and support marketing campaigns and go-to-market strategies. Build pitches for multiple commodity verticals including oil, natural gas, power, vessel tracking, and ag and biofuels. Oversee corporate event strategy, liaising with sales, marketing, and product stakeholders to facilitate the best face and representation at high-value events. Assist in internal communications, crafting company-wide communications and serve as consultant to human resources on messaging, editing, and framing company comms. Prepare newsletters on behalf of the CEO. Issue all press releases and serve as company media spokesperson.


Enterprise Electronics Corporation • Enterprise, AL • Apr 2013-May 2018

Corporate executive for global leader in weather radar manufacturing. Oversaw international client services department and served as liaison between clients and internal departments including engineering, program management, sales and marketing, accounting, and human resources. Managed aftermarket department including sales and requisition of spare parts and damaged or obsolete parts, prepared upgrade quotes, and oversaw warranties and maintenance agreements for various systems.  Tasked with strategic planning and vision for aftermarket business.  Program manager for 25 plus complex upgrade projects per year with a field portfolio spanning over 90 countries. Oversaw  upgrade project plans and budgets, and prepared board reports on progress.  Built BOM templates for EOL systems for use in marketing. Participated in and assisted in directing key weekly meetings that focused on forecasting, a/p and a/r, and building revenue models. Member of key leadership team.


Progressions PR and Consulting • Enterprise, AL • Apr 2012-May 2014

Consulting firm specializing in public and private sector strategic communications, public relations, image consultation, and writing/editing. Provided messaging, professional development, and other consultation services aimed at improving public image of client. Wrote, edited, and produced written materials including but not limited to manuals, books, articles, etc.  Worked on technical editing and formatting project for DoD contract.


City of Enterprise • Enterprise, AL • Dec 2006-Apr 2012

Served as right hand to mayor. Prepared presentations and reports. Represented mayor at city functions and events. Wrote city grant package for state, federal, and private grant opportunities. Lobbied  Congress and other federal and state officials for critical infrastructure entitlements, appropriations, and grant packages. Assisted other state agencies with grant preparation during disaster recovery efforts. Served as mayor's office historian and photographer. Built and maintained relationships with local military post and various levels of state and federal government. Interfaced with media regularly to distribute public information and ensure reporting accuracy.


Pierce Co. Public Works/Utilities • Tacoma, WA • Mar 2010-Nov 2010

Worked here briefly during a military assignment. Coordinated media releases and events. Worked with subject matter experts to ensure content accuracy prior to release. Assisted with web design and editing. Rewrote department communication plan. Worked with over 600 employees on various types of content to ensure information was understandable for the public. Coordinated and planned ribbon cutting events within community. Worked with Joint Base Lewis-McChord to build community partnerships. Planned morale events for department.


Master of Science, International Relations/Global Studies • 2011​


Bachelor of Arts, English/Creative Writing • 2006​


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