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Communication Workshops

There’s something to be said for objectivity. Whether you need someone to work with your team on external content development, internal communication, sales strategy, media engagement, writing, or team building, we can help. We’ve traveled the globe conducting engaging, relevant, no-nonsense workshops to help businesses communicate better – both internally and externally.

Our approach is human-centric, tailored to help teams understand what makes other people tick. In the age of digitization, this is a lost art form that we can help bring back to the center of your business. We know through study and practice that this classic focus moves the needle commercially, and more importantly, builds lasting relationships.

Image by You X Ventures



No one can tell your story like you can.  And we're here to help you make your best impression while you're doing it.


We've coached some of the most experienced professionals on television, and we can help you use some of the same techniques to deliver a polished, confident  ​presentation - whether it's for a news story, a webinar, or an appearance at an industry event.

We offer in-person, hands-on live training, as well as ongoing feedback and support.

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